The 5 best reasons to start preparing for Christmas today

Santa with glasses

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" according to the famous song by Andy Williams. But it is also a busy time, during which our schedules are overloaded with buying gifts, especially for Secret Santa. Plus, your celebrations will probably be different this year, as Christmas dinners, parties and drinks will most likely be held in small groups or online.

Avoid stress

The closer you get to Christmas Day, the busier your schedule will become. That's why making a schedule and lists is essential to staying sane and will make the most out of the build-up. Create a schedule that shows when you're seeing friends, which events you’re attending and when you're celebrating Secret Santa. Make your schedule as detailed as possible to avoid last-minute stress. Make lists to break down your tasks and of course for the gifts that everyone wants. Use our gift finder to find the gifts you’re looking for.

Holiday Dinner

Holidays to look forward to

It hasn't been the greatest year for many of us, and Christmas will bring the holiday cheer we so desperately need. So the earlier you start preparing for it, the sooner the joy begins!

Why not start making mood boards with your family of what you want the house to look like, and the gifts you would like to receive?

Plus, there’s also no better time to start organizing your Secret Santa celebrations, we've made your celebration easy with our Secret Santa generator. It will help you draw names for Secret Santa. Even better, you can celebrate Secret Santa contactless.

Giving back

The holiday season is the time for giving! Not only to your loved ones but also to others. Take the time that you save by planning for Christmas early, to give back by doing charitable work.

If that is not your cup of tea, look at options to give money or products to good causes that are close to your heart. You can search for charities using the Charity Choice website.

Presents near the Christmas tree

Design your Christmas dinner menu

Tired of eating turkey every year? Christmas dinner comes back every year and can make you feel anxious if you’re not a confident chef. But not to worry, take the time now to start watching cooking programmes on TV, save recipes from magazines and ask friends for recommendations & get cooking!

Start making the ingredient lists and look at what you can already buy now that you can store away till Christmas.

Create new family traditions

Want to create new family traditions? This is the time to suggest new traditions to your family and friends.

Maybe you want to make your own Christmas decorations, cards and wrapping paper? There is so much you can create yourself to give Christmas that extra personal touch. Use Pinterest for inspiration and tutorials.

Or, if you don’t already, you could start celebrating Secret Santa. We’ve taken the hassle out of organising it with our Secret Santa generator. From drawing the names live during a video call, sending each other gifts to celebrating online, we’ve made sure you can celebrate at a distance.

So what are you waiting for? Start preparing today to avoid stress, and you’ll have more time to make it the most wonderful time of the year!

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