The contactless way to draw names

For a while now, we’ve all been living with social distancing to prevent further spread of coronavirus. Many of us are wondering how wise it would be for us to get together to celebrate the festive season. It’s important that we all follow the advice we’re given as best we can. How do you make celebrations contactless?

Draw Names Contactless

Making your celebration contactless

To help you make your celebration completely contactless, we’ve put together the tips below.

Video call celebrations

You’ve probably already been using video calls now and then to stay in touch with colleagues, family and friends. In the current situation, video calls are a great alternative way to hold a celebration that you can still enjoy. To help you with this, we’ve looked at the best tools for having video calls. And to make it even more fun, you could unpack the gifts you’ve bought or made for each other during the call. Then it’s almost as if you’re together after all!

Video calls

Sending gifts

Surprise the person whose name you’ve drawn with a special gift that fits through their letterbox. It’s now possible to add a postal address when you draw names – to send each other a thoughtful gift by post. Make sure you send your gift on time, so that everyone taking part in the celebration has received something. If you live nearby, it might even be possible to discreetly leave the gift near their front door! Some webshops also give you the option to send someone a gift anonymously.

Sending gifts

Drawing names live

While we are social distancing, we can’t really expect people to draw names from any kind of container. That’s why we’ve created the option of getting together online to draw names live. The organiser draws the names and you can immediately see whose name you’ve drawn. Make it more fun by having a video call during the draw so you can see each other’s reactions. Just make sure you don’t let anyone else know who it is that you’ve drawn!

Drawing names live

We hope these tips will help you turn social distancing into a party. Have fun with the draw and Stay Safe!
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