How to draw names online?

Picking names out of a hat online is easy! Organise your Secret Santa gift exchange in just minutes!

  1. Send out invitations

    Set up your group by entering their names and email addresses. Click on “continue” to determine your gift exchange settings and write your email message to the group. You (the organiser) will receive the first email to authorize sending out your email invitations. Click on the link in this email to return to DrawNames and send the email invitations to your group.

  2. Everyone responds to their email invitation

    Everybody clicks the link in their email invitation to join the group. They may also complete their wish list.

  3. Draw Names!

    After everyone clicks the link in their email to join the group, the names will be drawn out of a virtual hat. Each member will receive another email directing them to their drawn name.

  4. Ask questions anonymously

    By accessing your drawn person's wish list, you can send questions and receive the answers anonymously to help you choose the perfect gift!

  5. Help! Someone lost their email link

    It's okay, we all lose things sometimes. Here's where you can retrieve the links to the Wish List and the group page.The organiser may resend someone's drawn name to them via the group page.

Now start up the Secret Santa generator!

Test how DrawNames draws names from a hat!