Do you have a question about drawing names online? Check below to find answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Lost link
    • I lost the link to my Wish list.
      Go to the group page. On it, you will find the link to your Wish list.
    • I lost the link to my Drawn name.
      Go to the group page. On it, you will find the link to your Drawn name.
    • I lost the link to my group page.
      Use this page to retrieve the group page.
  • Wish list
    • Can I update my wish list?
      Yes. When you are invited to the Group, you will receive an email containing a link to your group page. On this page, you will find a link to your wish list, which you may update at any time. The person who has drawn your name will receive a notification of any update.
    • How can I add my hobbies and interests to my wish list?
      You can add or make changes to hobbies and interests at the end of your wish list. The person who’s drawn your name will automatically receive a notification.
    • Can I add a picture to my wish list?
      Yes, you can do so by clicking the camera icon behind the particular wish.
    • Are the wish lists visible to everyone in the group?
      Yes, once the names have been drawn. You can view all your group’s wish lists on the group page. If you choose a gift, just tick that option in the list. Everyone in the group can see that tick, except for the person who’s asked for the gift. The organiser can also decide not to make the wish lists visible to everyone. Then, a person’s wish lists are only visible to the person who has drawn their name.
    • I'm unable to ask my drawn name an anonymous question.
      If you ask the person who's name you've drawn a question, you'll have to wait until this person has read the message before you can ask a new question.
  • Email
    • I didn’t receive emails, or the messages entered my Spam/Junk box. What do I do?
      Most likely your provider's Spam filter didn’t allow the email(s). Add drawnames@drawnames.co.uk to your Contact List or place the address on the Hotmail Safe List. Then use this page to retrieve your email.
    • Is it possible to resend an email that I didn’t receive?
      Use this page to retrieve the link to your group page, drawn name or wish list.
      An invitation to your group can be sent again by the organiser of the group via the group page. Also, incorrect email addresses can be corrected by the organiser. After the names have been drawn, the organiser can resend the drawn name email to a member of the Group via the group page by clicking on “Send drawn name email again."
    • How do I change an email address?
      The organiser can do that on the group page. If you have made a password yourself, you can also change the email address after logging in to ‘My account’.
    • Can several members use the same email address?
      Yes, that’s possible. The name of the member that each email is intended for is stated in the subject of the email.
    • Why didn't all members receive the message that I sent from my Overview page?
      The group messages are sent to every member who has already joined the group. If you haven't joined the group yet, you will not be notified of the messages. All messages can be read from the Overview page.
  • The Draw
    • I want to draw a different name this year
      If you used Drawnames.co.uk last year to draw names, then you can exclude the name you drew previously in this year’s draw. To set exclusions automatically, use last year’s group.
    • When will the names be drawn?
      After they’ve set up the group, the organiser can decide whether the names are drawn immediately or later. If the draw is postponed, the organiser does it manually by clicking on ‘Draw names’ on the group page once the group is complete.
    • Can I draw names with an odd number of names?
      Yes, no problem. Everyone will receive a drawn name!
    • Is it possible to redraw the names?
      No that's not possible. You will have to make a new group with a new group name. It's also not possible to edit the exclusions once the draw has taken place. You are able to remove someone from the group after the names have been drawn.
    • I would like to join the group on behalf of someone else.
      As an organiser, you can change the person's email address to your own email address on the group page. You will then be invited to join the group.
    • I would like to draw names even though not everyone has joined the group yet.
      If you’re sure that everyone wants to participate in the draw, you can draw the names immediately. The organiser can choose this option when they set up the group. The people you’ve invited can then see the name they’ve drawn and make a wish list after they have joined the group.
    • Can I draw more than one name per person?
      Yes, the organiser can set the number of draws to two in a group of at least 4 people. In that case, everyone draws two different names, e.g. for a larger and a smaller gift. It is not yet possible to set different amounts to spend.
    • Is the process of drawing names really random?
      Yes. It's just like drawing names from a hat, only you'll never draw your own name. All draws are possible; so there is a chance that the draw consists only of pairs or that it's divided into small groups. It also doesn't matter in which order the participants are added to the group. If you have drawn names with us for several years in a row, you have a bigger chance of drawing a name you haven’t drawn before. You can never draw a name that is set as an exclusion, but there are always several possibilities left. If you like, you can test it by clicking How to Draw Names.
  • Last year's group
    • I'd like to redraw names with an existing group
      This is possible if the names have been drawn and the event date has passed. The organiser first has to delete the existing group from My groups. The group will remain available to redraw names with and it's possible to exclude the previous draw. While setting up the group you can edit all the data and add/remove names.
    • Can I reuse the group I created last year?
      In October, we will send all organisers an email that links to last year's groups. You will be able to reuse all names and email addresses, in addition to last year's draw. Lost this email? You can retrieve it here or sign in.
  • Organiser
    • I would like to see who drew which name
      Only the organiser can see all the names that have been drawn within the group. This can be done using the date of the gift exchange. All group members can then see on the group page that the organiser has viewed the drawn names.
    • I want to draw names via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
      The organiser can do this when they’ve set up the group. Group members can then link their own email address or account to the name they’ve drawn and the group.
    • What's the maximum number of people I can draw names with?
      The group may contain up to 250 members.
    • My group is not yet complete. Can I send invitations anyway?
      If the group isn’t yet complete, choose the option for drawing names later when you set up the group. Once everyone has accepted the invitation, you can draw the names on the group page by clicking on ‘Draw names’.
    • Can I change the group name?
      No, it's not possible to change the group name.
    • Can I change the name of a member?
      No, that's not possible. As long as the names aren't drawn yet, the organiser can add new members on the group page. Add a new member first and then remove the member with the wrongly spelled name.
    • As an organiser, I do not want to participate in the draw.
      The organiser always participates in the draw. Please set up a group with the email address of someone who will participate in the draw.
    • I am the organiser, how can I change my email address?
      You can change your email address when you're signed in to your account. You can easily create an account.
    • I want to add someone to the group.
      You can do that on the group page before or after the draw. Click on ‘Add a name’. The new person can be added to the draw even if the names have already been drawn. If the names have not yet been drawn, you can send an invitation and let the person add their own name to the group.
    • Can I remove someone from the group?
      You can remove someone via the Group page if the group contains at least 4 members, even if the draw has already taken place. The drawn name of the person that got removed will then be given to the group member that drew the name of the person that got removed.
    • I want to specify that certain people cannot draw certain names (set exclusions).
      You can set exclusions for a group of at least 4 people after you’ve added all the names to the group. You can also do that on the group page as long as the names haven’t yet been drawn. If you’ve invited your group using an app or a link, you can only set the exclusions just before you draw the names. Make sure that if you want to exclude partners, you set that for both names.
    • How many draw combinations can I exclude?
      It depends on the group size. The number of exclusions increases when you enter more names. After choosing the first exclusion, a second selection box will appear.
    • I have set some exclusions. Can other members see the exclusions?
      By default, the exclusions are not visible to the group. The organiser can change the visibility of the exclusions on the group page, so that everybody can see all exclusions.
    • How do I delete a group?
      If you are an organiser, you can delete a group from My groups by clicking on the cross after the group name. This can be done if the names have not yet been drawn and you’re logged in with your password.
  • Error messages
    • This email address is blocked. What should I do?
      It's blocked because we couldn't send this email to you. The most likely reasons are that your provider's Spam filter didn't allow the email, your inbox has been over the allowed quota, or the email address is incorrect. Please add drawnames@drawnames.co.uk to your Contact List, empty your inbox and check the address. After that please send an email to help@drawnames.co.uk and ask us to remove the block.
    • The link in my email doesn’t work. What do I do?
      First, check your Internet connection by seeing whether another website works. Then, check whether the DrawNames.co.uk website is hidden behind the screen containing your email. If the web page states that the link isn’t valid (anymore), ask the organiser who set up your group to invite you again (via the group page).
  • Other
    • Can I also draw names after Christmas?
      Yes, the website stays online all year.
    • I would like to draw names for Birthdays
      That's possible throughout the year. We recommend you keep changing the event date so it matches the upcoming Birthday, this way the group remains active.
    • How long does my group remain active?
      After the gift exchange has taken place, and the group page hasn’t been visited by at least one member for several months, the group is archived. From that moment on, you can use names from the group for a new draw, but the old group page no longer exists.
    • I want to delete my account
      Send an email to help@drawnames.co.uk from the email address of the account you wish to delete.
    • DrawNames.com
      Visitors from the US please visit www.drawnames.com (Gift Exchange | Secret Santa Generator).
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