DIY Easter Inspiration

Easter Inspiration Source: A Joyful Riot

In just three weeks’ time you’ll be painting Easter eggs and stuffing yourself with chocolate (perhaps even sooner 😉). Of course you can decorate your house with Easter branches and dyed eggs, but there are loads of other DIY decorations you can make, to bring that Easter atmosphere into your home. Check them out here:

Say Bye Bye to Your Traditionally Dyed Eggs!

Is painting eggs also a tradition in your family during Easter? We think it’s one of the best Easter traditions! Turn your eggs into true pieces of art by putting in some extra craftwork. Why not make emoji-eggs, veggie-eggs or gumball machines this year? All you need is paint, colored paper, glue and waterproof markers.

Dyed eggs Source: Brit + Co

emoji-eggs Source: Studio DIY

Cute Bunny Planters

This one is also great for children. Save a few milk- and yoghurt cartons and rinse them out properly. Cut them into the right size and stick coloured paper onto them or paint them. Then let the decorating commence! Draw bunny faces on the cartons for instance. Lastly put a few cute plants or herbs into your planters and you’re done. They will look great on your table during Easter brunch.

This is what you need:

  • Cartons
  • Scissors
  • Basic acrylic paints & brushes or coloured paper & glue
  • Permanent marker
  • Plants/herbs

bunny planters Source: 17apart

Flower Bunny-Ears

Every year people in New York go out to look at the Easter Parade. When doing this, people usually wear the most beautifully decorated headgear. Feel like wearing something festive too? Then make your own Easter head band and decorate it with (artificial) flowers. Also great for children and (willing) pets.

This is what you need:

  • Head band
  • Metal wire
  • Some fabric
  • Flowers (real or artificial)
  • Leaves and blossom
  • Glue gun

bunny ears Source: Lavin Label

Give your friends and family an Easter basket!

Have you been invited to an Easter brunch or an Easter dinner? Be extra attentive this year and bring your host and hostess a nice homemade Easter basket!

This is what you need:

  • Basket
  • Flowers
  • Dyed egg
  • Bottle of wine + homemade Easter label
  • Chocolate Easter bunny
  • Straw/nice ribbon
  • Card

diy easter presents Source: Craftberry Bush

Secret easter bunny generator Source: hgtv

TIP: Celebrate Easter with presents!

How do you celebrate Easter? People go searching for eggs, eat yummy Easter breakfasts and play games. Why not make your family gettogether extra special this year and surprise each other with presents? Create a group on DrawNames with your family and have a Secret Easter Bunny gift exchange. It’s easy, fast and free!
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