"Your website is really easy to use and makes Secret Santa even more fun. I recommend it to any friends that arrange this during the festive season. Thanks DrawNames.co.uk."


"The service really is excellent - in particular - being able to log-in directly from an email and not having to remember your password each time."


"Thank you so much for organising our Christmas draw. You ask for feedback, I can't fault what you are doing right now!"


"Quick efficient and very easy to use with no catches or bombardment of emails as is usually the case! Thanks :)"


"Our team found this a very fun way to do the Secret Santa. It meant that the organiser could also take part, as in the traditional way, the organiser misses out on the secret bit! It was easy to do and we particularly liked the aspect of people being able to make their own suggestions for gifts as well as the giver being able to ask questions anonomously. I've recommended the site to others and will definitely use it again."


"Really easy to set up. Only 8 of us but no idea who it was from! As organiser it took hassle out of allocating names, especially as I didn't see anyone until the day. Gave a very broad guidance for our gift and got something I wanted. Thanks."


"It was very efficient and due to the family living all over the country a nice way to sort a present swop! Thanks"


"Really like Draw Names, was very easy to use! Really liked that the team member who dropped out was re-allocated with no bother for us - will be using it again!"


"It's a handy, easy to use tool. Requiring all members of the party to sign up before the event seems unnecessary but that guarantees that each person receives their names rather than it sitting in their mailboxes."


"Fantastic app! Really good that I can change email address and make sure you don't pick your partners\wives\husbands. Easy to use. Ten out of ten!"


"Love this site. Especially the wish list feature and ask "your secret santa" a question feature. It is also great that you don't have to keep logging on, you instead receive regular emails prompting you to check the group page. Would definitely recommend and use again."


"Really simple, really effective. Everyone I know was able to use it immediately and commented on what a great idea it was. In terms of functionality there is nothing I would change, I tried several other services before yours and had to sign up and jump through all kinds of hoops. Yours does one thing brilliantly in a friendly way, with no barriers to entry or use."


"This website was brilliant, I would definately use it again. Kept me updated and reminded me as the date of gift exchange approached. Thank you"


"Very clear and easy-to-use website - thanks! It solved a problem for a spread-out family."


"This website is really good and the wish lists and questions make it really fun"


"Brilliant service. Thanks for making our secret Santa so easy this year."


"Was really good and helpful since me and my friends couldn't meet up to arrange it ourselves. Thought the gift list idea is really good."


"Really useful website. Great that you can keep resending the names for those forgetful participants."


"Excellent website - took all the pain out of doing a secret santa. Would definitely use again – thanks."


"Very good: easy to use, simple explanations of all the options and very easy to monitor who had and had not responded. Thanks very much."


"Your website solved a problem for us which was great. It made the secret Santa fun and also the wish list idea helped with buying stuff people actually wanted. We all will be using this website again. Thank you."


"It was a great way of organizing secret santa this year. I appreciated the website having detailed information about privacy and data protection too, and it gave me confidence in using the website. Thank you."


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