The 10 best saving tips for the festive season

As much as Christmas is a time for celebration and joy it can also be an expensive time. For this reason, we put together 10 easy tips to help you save this festive season.

1. Track your spending

Have a plan and stick to it! Planning your spending is key if you don’t want to stress about money. Use a budget tracker, have a list (like Santa) & stay within your spending limit.

List on a notepad

2. Organise a Secret Santa

Instead of gifting everyone gifts, organise a Secret Santa. Based on a set budget, you'll only have to buy something for the person you drew. With drawnames' Secret Santa generator, you can easily draw names.

Secret Santa gift

3. Give practical presents

Ideally, the perfect gift is something they'll use and not end up in the cupboard. Choose practical gifts you know they will enjoy! Things like socks, body wash, towels etc. The drawnames gift finder lets you select the perfect gift for any family member, friend or colleague in the right price range.

A sock with a bow

4. Exchange wish lists

The best gifts are those that are wished for and our survey showed that 33% of respondents find it useful when someone has a wish list. You can get someone something they'll love by exchanging a wish list instead of guessing or spending money on something they don't want.

Christmas wish list

5. Get crafty and make gifts yourself

If you're looking for something personal and memorable, why not make your own? Pinterest is full of craft ideas, from homemade soap to personalized jewellery. You can even make your own wrapping paper! The fun part is that you can tailor your gifts to suit the person you're buying them for.

DIY Christmas gifts

6. Regift

Perhaps you still have leftover gifts from last year or a gift certificate that is still valid. Just make sure to read up on these rules before giving them as a gift. Cause it might be awkward gifting it to the person who gave it to you.


7. Swap or rent clothes

Clothing swaps and rentals are a smart way to save money and be eco-friendly. You might be able to trade clothes with family and friends or rent the outfit of your dreams instead of buying it.

Women swapping clothes

8. Make a shopping list for Christmas food

It's dangerous to shop when hungry and unprepared. Easy tip: make a shopping list and follow it. As supermarkets work very hard to get you to buy on impulse, creating a list helps you avoid these purchases.

Christmas shopping list

9. Organise a potluck dinner

Christmas dinner can be more affordable if you host a potluck dinner. Let your guests bring their own food and drinks. It's a great way to get together, share everyone's favourite dishes, and save money!

A table with multiple different dishes

10. Reuse wrapping paper

If you have leftover Christmas wrapping paper from last year, you can use it this year, or you can choose neutral wrapping paper like brown paper. Not only is brown paper cheap, but you can also decorate it with glitter, ribbons, and stamps to make it more festive.

Gifts with brown wrapping paper

We hope these tips inspire you to enjoy the festive season, even if you're on a budget.

Start drawing names

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